5 Things that can save you thousands!

Monday Dec 19th, 2016




1)  "If your home doesn't sell during the contract period I will buy it myself".  Now ask yourself... does this make sense?  If no one else was interested in your home during the contract period, a real estate agent who specializes in buying and selling homes probably isn't either.  What the agent will do is come back to your home after its listed, and give you an offer sheet that is far below what you'd ever sell for.  Great gimmick, but that is all it is. 

2)  "I have a buyer for your home". This most likely isn't true, but even if it is true, you want your home to be on the MLS system to generate multiple offers.  Why sell your home to one person whey you could potentially have many other people wanting to bid on your home.  In this market it's about supply and demand.  Unfortunately this agent probably has lost out to other buyers in multiple offers and doesn't want to have to compete again.

3)  "Let price the home high and we can always go down".  That is by far the worst mistake you could ever make.  The first week your home is on the market is the most important time.    - Buyers are excited to see your home and wanting to buy - You're excited to sell and you're looking forward to seeing offers. However as the weeks pass, and enthusiasm fades.  Buyers aren't interested in seeing your home because they think something is wrong with it.  And now you're frustrated to the point where you may consider taking an offer that you normally would of laughed away.  

4) "Lets take the first offer that comes our way".  In the past that was a common sign that you would see - Sold in 1 day -.  Wow congratulations!  Now that is possibly the worst thing you could ever do.   Do to supply and demand, buyers are lined up to purchase homes.  If you take the first offer that comes to your doorstep, you're more than likely throwing $1000s of dollars away!  List on Thursday and offers on Monday.   Give yourself a few days and be prepared to deal with multiple offers on Monday evening. 

5) "I like to take my own photos".  Are you kidding me!   The most important thing you can do is have great photos.  It's all about first impressions.  Not to mention making your home look like it's out of a House and Home magazine.   Great photos are the first step to multiple offers!


Good luck!


Patrick Bryant, Broker/Owner

ComFlex Realty Inc., Brokerage

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