Finding a real estate agent?

Monday Dec 19th, 2016


Finding a real estate agent is pretty simple.   You can pull up google - type in your area and punch in "real estate agent".  Here you go - --  1000 agents at your beckon call.   But hold on - not all agents are created equal.  Yes they will all want to be paid the same though!

Most agents will charge you between 4% and 6% commission depending on what company they work for.  But whether they have 1 year experience or 30 years experience they still want to be compensated at the same rate. 

Agents will stress that they know best - they know the area - they have buyers wanting your exact home.  A typical agent won't have buyers for your home but it grabs your attention.

Agents will tell you that they have the best marketing program to sell your home.  Professional photographers, home stagers on call, and a 24 hour phone service. Great - but most top agents have this.  Here is the difference with ComFlex!

Wouldn't it be nice to hire a company that has the experience, the awards to back up their track record, and a commission structure that won't have you second guessing your move?

Here at ComFlex we have just that!   The highest honour awarded to us at our previous company ( Platinum Plus), experience of over 15 years in real estate, a track record of selling homes above asking, and a commission structure that will have you saying "Thank you"!

Call me today and let me show you how we separate ourselves from the competition!


Patrick Bryant, Broker/Owner