The Truth behind: Sell for ONE Percent!

Friday Dec 17th, 2021


You often see on other broker's websites:  List For One Percent.  The problem with this misleading statement is that this is only the listing agent's commission.  What they forget to mention is that 2% to 2.5% is also required to compensate the buyer broker.   With Team Bryant, Sell for One Percent is exactly that.  Sell for One.  No gimmicks, no games.  List with Team Bryant on the MLS for just 1 Percent!   So the next time you see another broker... [read more]

Your home Sold Guarantee

Monday May 3rd, 2021


Just a simple tip.  Before falling for silly gimmicks with real estate agents slogans that read: "Your Home Sold Guarantee".   If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.    Important questions to ask are: What price will you buy my home for? (Typically less than you would want to sell for.) Am I required to buy one of your listings to have you buy my home? (Typically they require you to buy one of their listings.) How long of a contract will I... [read more]

Sold Guarantee or I'll BUY it!

Wednesday Feb 12th, 2020


SOLD GUARANTEE! One of the many lead generating techniques agents use, is to tell you that if they don't sell your home within 120 + days, they will buy it!    This sounds very interesting at first... but at what price? This lead generating technique is just that, a technique to spark your interest.  The agent has no intent on buying your home.   If the agent does  buy your home, it certainly won't be at market price. Questions you can ask the... [read more]

Here are some tips to help you sell during the Winter months!

Sunday Jan 15th, 2017


So you have decided to sell during the winter months... bad idea?  Not in today's market.  Homes are selling for record amounts.  There is very little supply and the demand remains high.  This equals record setting prices in all areas of the market.   Here are a few tips to help you get on your way! Staging The dreary season makes staging even more important. By putting some time and effort in making your home look its best, staging can enable your house... [read more]

How to choose where to live?

Saturday Dec 31st, 2016


  Home is where the heart is, but what if your heart doesn’t know where it should be? From low crime rates to a great education system, there are many variables to consider when choosing that perfect place that you and your family can call home. To help you make this important decision, I’ve provided an analysis of the most important factors to help you find a home that suits the needs of you and your family. How to Choose a Place to Live Begin by determining... [read more]

Finding a real estate agent?

Monday Dec 19th, 2016


Finding a real estate agent is pretty simple.   You can pull up google - type in your area and punch in "real estate agent".  Here you go - --  1000 agents at your beckon call.   But hold on - not all agents are created equal.  Yes they will all want to be paid the same though! Most agents will charge you between 4% and 6% commission depending on what company they work for.  But whether they have 1 year experience or 30 years experience they still... [read more]

5 Things that can save you thousands!

Monday Dec 19th, 2016


    1)  "If your home doesn't sell during the contract period I will buy it myself".  Now ask yourself... does this make sense?  If no one else was interested in your home during the contract period, a real estate agent who specializes in buying and selling homes probably isn't either.  What the agent will do is come back to your home after its listed, and give you an offer sheet that is far below what you'd ever sell for.  Great... [read more]


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