Sold Guarantee or I'll BUY it!

Wednesday Feb 12th, 2020



One of the many lead generating techniques agents use, is to tell you that if they don't sell your home within 120 + days, they will buy it!    This sounds very interesting at first... but at what price?

This lead generating technique is just that, a technique to spark your interest.  The agent has no intent on buying your home.   If the agent does  buy your home, it certainly won't be at market price.

Questions you can ask the agent are:  Have you ever purchased a home from a seller?  What price did you offer that seller when you purchased their home?  How many times have your purchased a seller's home, when it didn't sell.  You will be surprised by the answer you receive!  Ask for verification of this too.

A lot of agent's are savvy when it comes to real estate.  If you home didn't sell before on the market, do you really think they are going to purchase your home now?

If you're thinking of selling your home - Call me today and get the real facts about real estate!






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