Why Choose ComFLEX?    If you were to go to your lawyer's office on Thursday - have him deal with some paperwork - and then receive a bill for $45000 on Monday....  Most would agree that they wouldn't be very happy!   So why do it?  Why pay any real estate agent 5% for what could likely be a few days of work!

At ComFLEX Realty we are here to HELP!   With a university background in marketing, having won the highest awards in the real estate industry during the past 15 years.  We know a thing or two about how to market and sell homes!  With full service commission plans starting at 1% on the MLS, no longer are you trapped into paying high priced commission.   

Call us today and let us show you how we separate ourselves from the competition.  How we market homes more effectively than the competition and how we guarantee to save you $1000's over other agents standard commission plans!

Patrick Bryant, Broker of Record

Tim Furness, Sales Representative

Donna McIntyre, Sales Representative

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