Your home Sold Guarantee

Monday May 03rd, 2021


Just a simple tip.  Before falling for silly gimmicks with real estate agents slogans that read: "Your Home Sold Guarantee".   If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is.    Important questions to ask are:

What price will you buy my home for? (Typically less than you would want to sell for.)

Am I required to buy one of your listings to have you buy my home? (Typically they require you to buy one of their listings.)

How long of a contract will I be locked into?  (Typically this is a 6 month contract.)

Will I be required to do price drops on my home?   (Typically established price reductions are required.)

What commission will I have to pay? (Typically 5% to 6% commission.)

Will you provide me with Cash Back incentives on the home I purchase?  (Typically they won't give money back.)


Choose Team Bryant who has a track record of selling homes in 4 days, OVER ASKING, and with the best commission plans in the real estate industry.    


Patrick Bryant, Broker of Record



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